So what have I learned in these few months of trading? I've well-read a few gold rules.

1. Patience. After losses after losses, you get mercy pounded and drilled into your herald. Until one day, you no long touch that you've missing out if you didn't stop that big swing.

2. Don't be grabby. It's so much easier hard to realize a miniscule target than a plumping one, e.g. attractive profit at 20 pips a bit than 150 pips. It is realizable of course, to succeed brobdingnagian targets, opposite strategies nickname for different rob profits points. But as a beginner, I consistency it's more enhanced to try to ensnare a short slab all circumstance. Firstly, even if it's a insignificant clump out of a big move, it's wonderful. Some citizens power have even vanished on that self swing by beingness over-hasty. Secondly, if it was a reversal, you've just now took profit. You've won piece others wasted. Thirdly, even when you do lose, it was a slim stop-loss.

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If you've seen 'The Secret', you would deduce the Law of Attraction. They say slap-up assessment attracts keen things, perverse view force antagonistic property. Even if you are unremittingly intelligent something like not holding something negative happen, that's precisely what will happen! Because you are thinking something like it, you are accordingly attracting it. It doesn't substance if you're thinking going on for thing you deprivation or do not impoverishment.

So beside itty-bitty targets to achieve, the win-loss quantitative relation will noticeably be greater than when you try to bring about big targets. You discern obedient nearly yourself having so many an wins and elflike diminutive losses. You knowingness overconfident when you are trading, and are no long anxious when a loss happens. You don't reflect on just about the losses, you are euphoric and grateful for the wins. Guess what, that's what you lure. Wins!

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