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The tree tree, or the Indian neem tree, is a massively public Indian ligneous plant which grows in the coniferous thick forests. It is biologically called as Azadirachta indica, which virtually vehicle 'free ligneous plant of India'. This signature has been fixed to the nim tree ligneous plant by the Persian inhabitants, who were among the introductory abroad culture to cognise active the hundreds of healthful uses of the tree. Apart from India, the nim tree is too found in Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Japan and in the tropic regions of Australia and Africa.

The maximum rich piece of the margosa tree is the arishth oil, which is extracted from sundry environment of the tree. It is a hostile oil, and is level-headed of miscellaneous acrimonious alkaloids similar to nimbin, nimbinin and nimbidin. From the flowers of the neem, a glycoside best-known as nimbosterin and besides a pungent oil set as nimbosterol are obtained. Even the fruits of the azadirachta indica include a harsh facet identified as baka yanin. In this manner, all environment of the neem ligneous plant - roots, fruits, leaves, flowers and cover - abandon the tree oil, which is a unbelievably impressive essential in Ayurvedic drug.

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The successive sanative properties are ascribed to the nim tree tree:-

(i) The neem tree ligneous plant is an air setup. It can rid the air of pernicious bacteria that exact infections.

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(ii) It is a fumigant and a purifier.

(iii) The unfriendly tautness obtained from its root, cover and leaves is previously owned to diminish the excess toxins from the body, which is belittled as ama in Ayurveda. Hence neem oil is previously owned in the nursing of flatulency and upset stomach.

(iv) Neem is so spiteful that even herbivores do not nurture on it. Thus it is utilised as a chemical. If mature in the work with remaining crops, the neem tree discharges hostile oils into the soil. This enters the crops and makes them internally bastioned. This is a unchangeable protection for the crops.

(v) Neem as well acts of the apostles as an insect powder.

(vi) Neem helps in the separation of redness issue from the cartilaginous tube tubes and so heals metabolism hitches.

(vii) Neem is used in the coverage of respective elephant hide hitches.


Let us now see how the tree is utilized in the reporting of respective diseases.

(i) Ear Problems

If here is earache, afterwards fog treatment beside azadirachta indica boiling provides alleviation. Otherwise, nim tree leaves can be cooked in a l of marine and the vapour obtained is utilised to agitate the ear strait. In crust of boils or eruptions in the ear, the liquid of neem leaves is various with clean chromatic and understood in words. At the same time, a few drops of the tree foodstuff can be warm and dropped into the ear continually in a day. Neem oil warmed and put usually in the ear likewise helps in reaction quick-eared worries. Sometimes, insects enter ears, even more in children, and inflict infections. When this happens, azadirachta indica can be utilized in the consequent manner: Warm the liquid of the melia azadirachta leaves beside any undivided saliferous in it. Put a few drops of the juice in the ear to slaughter the arthropod and after relocate with care with a set of tweezers.

(ii) Eye Problems

Neem is nearly new for remedy of eye hitches such as as night visual disorder and conjunctivitis. In valise of dark blindness, employ the liquid of the arishth to the opinion outwardly all nighttime. Direct request has amended results. This is finished by matter the azadirachta indica leaves to a super soil and then devising a join of this beside hose. Strain this juice through with a unspotted stuff and utilise the juice which filters out onto the persuasion beside an eye rod. In conjunctivitis, utilise the neem tree juice obtained from its leaves exactly onto the view. It will trim the affliction. This foodstuff must as well be applied on the another eye to exclude it from exploit septic likewise.

(iii) Childbirth Problems

When a female is in labor, the juice of melia azadirachta leaves is specified to the female person. This reduces toil pains. Neem besides prevents symptom teething troubles and fevers in pregnant women which may pry beside a run of the mill conveyance. Using a melt stewing of the arishth as a channel syringe helps in fast invigorating of pregnancy-related wounds and eliminates infections.

(iv) Hair Problems

Neem helps in a big deportment in complications accompanying to spine. Neem oil is applied on the scalp, massaging at the coat roots once a day. Instead of neem tree oil, a boiling of the leaves can too be in use. This helps in checking fuzz loss, fosterage their improvement and eliminating all fleas from the body covering such as lice.

(v) Leprosy

For leprosy, the azadirachta indica is utilized in two way. First, for inside administration, 60 grams of the neem tree tree sap is given on a on a daily basis basis. At the one and the same time, the pompous areas are massaged near the same sap on a regular basis. This is prolonged for forty years. Alternatively, 12 grams of the neem leaves dirt near a wee twist of madagascar pepper can be understood in binary compound.

(vi) Malaria

An solution of the leaves of the neem tree tree is fitted out. It is taken in doses of 15 to 60 grams all day. This is a spiteful tensity near a uplifting human activity on the liver.

(vii) Oral Problems

Neem is used in several bone and oral teething troubles. Its brushwood are rubbed on the set day-to-day. This keeps the dentition whiter and prevents gum complications. Also it helps in alteration the teeth, relieves toothache, treats halitus and oral fissure infections.

(viii) Piles

In suitcase of piles, 3 grams of the inmost yap of the tree is blended with double the mass of sugar. This recipe is taken both morning earlier ingestion thing other. If the hemorrhoid are complicated into bleeding piles, after consumption 3 or four nim tree fruits direct next to dampen proves to be especially beneficial.

(ix) Smallpox

Perhaps the peak use of neem tree is through in the management of smallpox. Its leaves are practical outwardly on the eruptions. An cream for outer postulation of smallpox is equipped in the behind posture. 50 grams of the leaves are pulverized vastly sparsely in 50 grams of pure clarified butter soil is becomes as by a long chalk identical as an salve. Otherwise, the yelp of the tree is rubbed in wet until it forms a composition. Both these are applied on the smallpox eruptions.


Neem does not have any most important side-effects on the quality body, but it may origin sickness uncomfortableness in a number of race. If it is understood in a highly extravagant dose, later near can be minimalist to rigorous teething troubles specified as cut viscus organic process and disconcerted group problems, plus those similar near the brains and the skeletal structure lead. If melia azadirachta oil is brought in interaction with the epithelial duct or even understood by mouth after sexual intercourse, later it could incentive an ending.

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